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The following is a piece of writing submitted by CdnGhost on April 12, 2014
"Though posted as a "Stand-Alone", this poem is the first verse of a much longer poem which will later become a series entitled, "Crossroads".

The poem is written phonetically and may take you a few reads to get used to the Lad's Dialect of English."

The Dreamer's Dream

Goin' down to dah Crossroads,
Gonna git down on mah knees.
Gonna call out to Dah Man up d'ere
To send me money, please!
Cuz I cain't stand it any-moh
Of goin' without mah needs:
Mah big cee-gars, mah fancy cahs;
Mah Inside-Trader leads.
Mah mansion outside Portland,
Made outta giant trees!
An' all those sweet young ladies 'round
Mah duplicates of "Eve".

© CdnGhost, 5 August 2011

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