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The following is a piece of writing submitted by co083121 on March 18, 2012

Super Hero!

If...I....was....a.....superhero? hmmmm, I'd be an alien. On my planet what you call super, I call normal. I'm from another place so far from you that you'd never
find my home, even if you had a 1,000 years to look for it. And yet, I'm closer to you than you know. I can read your're thinking of the color yellow. Now you're thinking of numbers, 23, 15, 7, 13, 49. See? I told you I can read thoughts. I can cause your immune system to fast-forward its ability to protect you. In other words, I can cause your body to heal itself, just by touching
it. Let me see that cut on your arm. No, it's not going to hurt. All I have to do is put my palm on your body and your body will start its healing process rapidly. Yeah, WOW is correct! No, I'm not going to do it to your friend. Unlike what you've seen on T.V. perhaps, I don't like to do things in the open.

What else can I do? Well.....I'm very wise. I could give you an example of my wisdom, but you're not ready yet. Your species won't be ready for at least another 40 or 50 years. Good question, I'm here because I want to give you some
ideas on how to get to a higher level of existence quicker than if I never would've came. Oh, my name? My name is, Traken. I told you, even if I told you where I was from you never would be able to find it. Why? Because, my kind can.....well let me explain it to you this way. The human eye can only detect a small fragment
of what you guys call the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Imagine if you could detect the whole spectrum. How much more information your visual senses would collect! Imagine if, just as objects here on Earth, some objects could only be seen by emmitting x-rays on it. And any other particle would simply be either absorbed or pass through it. You would think that object was extraordinary! Right? Well our planet exists, you just can't see it because your eyes can only detect such a narrow band on the spectrum.

Now that's only if you tried using only one of your 5 senses. Now imagine if the other four could only detect objects in a narrow band of their respective medium. That would mean that in order to experience everything the universe had in it. You'd have to extend your senses somehow. This is the reason you won't find my planet. It's far out of the range of your senses.

Whoa, I have to go! We're planning some visits to your planet and I'm giving what you would call a speech. I'll see you later!

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