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The following is a piece of writing submitted by co083121 on March 20, 2012
"My take on my last ten minutes on this planet."

Ten Minutes

"Sirens blared, I stood up and realized what's going on. Flight 813 is going down! NOOO, I scream to myself! I'm not ready to die! One hour ago, I boarded this flight headed home after going overseas on a missions trip. We built 3 houses, taught 15 or so kids how to read some english and I personally taught 5 kids how to play the drums. And now, all that I did in my life seemed to be for nothing. How many people will be at my funeral, I wonder. The better question is: How do I know I'm going to die? There's a bomb on this plane, reminds me of 9/11, some
dude speaking broken english just got up and starting demanding stuff. He wanted
some freedom fighters or some members of his party freed. He claimed the the US was killing innocent civillians. I didn't understand half of what he said. But, at
some point a teacher and a doctor decided to be heroes and call his bluff. They wrestled for a while then a sound came from his suitcase. He started laughing hysterically, said something in another language and blew his head off. Many people got sick and some people yelled and cried. I saw several children lose it and go into a state of panic. I knew that when children die, they're immediately ushered into the presence of GOD. So, I went to the first person I laid my eyes on.
'Do you follow Jesus?', I asked. I must've told 5 or 6 people about the gospel before the bomb blew.".......This statement was recorded on a tape recorder found amongst the wreckage of the doomed flight of 813, sources say there were no survivors on the plane. It blew up over water 113 passengers including 17 children were lost. The terrorist has not been identified.

This is what I'd be doing on my last 10 minutes of life. What's scary about this? What if this actually came true? What if I was wrote this and in reality this would be how I was to die in a year or two? SCARY! In case that's the case, I give all of my belongings to the "HolyWarriors" organization and since I'm dead hmmm I don't know who would run things.....I haven't thought that far yet.

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