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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on December 29, 2008


Take time to wander once in a while,
respond to the call that you hear.
Leave footprints where you've never left them before,
and leave behind with them your fear.
Let tree branches pull you away for a time;
inch by inch, follow their play,
with nothing in sight but a pattern of light:
explore before it goes away.

Take time to wander when paths become old,
and be washed in the stream as it flows.
Lose routine to the cascade of water ahead
that runs but knows not where it goes.
Understand what exists past the edge of the road,
though you may not have seen it before.
Because once you return after all you have learned,
it will not seem the same anymore.

Take time to wander but never lose sight
of the path that allows you to roam.
For wandering can hardly be considered as such
without a place to consider your home.
Yes, follow with diligence, but wander as well,
for all of the good it will do.
Or else instead of treading the beaten path,
You'll be letting the path beat you.

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