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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on June 25, 2009
"This is my eulogy for Spotty, my family's 11-year-old white rooster who outlasted most of our pets, and then reportedly met his demise at the hands (paws) of a fox. R.I.P. dear chicken, and if there are birds in heaven, I'll look forward to hearing your mid-morning crows again, since there will be no alarm clocks up there."

Elegy for Spotty

If there has lived a humbler bird, I do not know his name,
though many have attained a level higher than your fame.
You were content to bear such feathers, white as paper, ages-old,
and daily search the ground for food, though it be warm or cold.

This pecking round the yard for bugs remained your top desire,
and a faithful crow at 10 a.m. still never made you tire.
In fact, it soon became quite clear that time remained your friend.
How sad that after all these years, mere time was not your end.

Your death brings many thoughts to mind - immortal stars above;
yet old, eccentric chickens are still worthy of our love.
For rooster though you were, no one would ever call you haughty,
And thus I say in truth: humility, thy name is Spotty.

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