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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on October 27, 2009


We are safe in the arms of flashing lights,
of x-ray technology that bores through the walls
separating mine from yours, keeping lines of us
sprawling through long impersonal hallways and
down stairs, uniforms keeping the throngs in check.
We are safe as we place our possessions in bins and
subject every part of ourselves if necessary,
to cold, unflattering eyes, to pokes and prods,
before taking to the skies with illusions of flying free.
We are safe in the air, we are safe as we land,
knowing that in case of emergency, they will save us
with lights and guns and noise to prove their authority.
We are safe as turbulence comes, knowing someone must
wrest control from the sky, yet sober in knowing that
every precaution is never enough, that signals, lights,
and turbos still must defer to the wild unchecked blue.

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