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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on August 12, 2009
"This poem isn't "about" me per se... (one thing I'm trying to get better at is writing from other perspectives - otherwise there's very little imagination involved), so I like to consider the speaker of this poem to be someone nearing the end of their life. While it's definitely possible to "dream in error," I hope this will never be me."

Starving dreams

Perhaps I've dreamed in error
and sought too high a sky;
Maybe given in to terror,
when I saw I couldn't fly.

And these hard streets feel much harder
when brought down by gravity;
but in truth, I am no martyr.
All such gravity is me.

Some dreams starved for lack of money,
others grew but never fought.
And I find it rather funny
that the biggest ones just rot.

All the warnings that I heeded,
all the quiet, proper years,
starving dreams that only needed
a lot of sweat, a little blood, a couple tears.

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