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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on April 2, 2010
"This is from a school assignment I once had, which was to write a parody of a poem. I chose "Acquainted with the Night," by Robert Frost, which, just for the record, is one of my favorite poems of all time, so I mean no disrespect. That poem follows a terza rima rhyme scheme, which is kind of like a chain: ABA BCB CDC, etc. and for the first six lines, I even used the same first word as Frost did. Yes, it's kinda ridiculous, but I had fun with it."

Acquainted With Ice Cream

I have been one acquainted with ice cream -
I have eaten one serving and gone back for seconds.
I have been consumed by this sugary dream.

I have turned away, yet it always beckons -
I have tried in vain to give up this delight,
And I surely never will, my family reckons.

One more scoop of cookie dough tonight.
Some chocolate, then perhaps a little more.
Delicious can't be wrong, so it must be right -

Blizzards, cones, and sundaes I adore,
And this is a rather high-caloric theme,
But popsicles are always such a bore,

And frozen yogurt, not as good as it seems.
I have been one acquainted with ice cream.

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