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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on February 16, 2010


One day and it's over, leaving behind a trail of
doomed merchandise, created specifically
for something that no longer exists.
You probably won't notice us sifting through
the rubble of yesterday's mementos,
depreciating daily and rendered worth
less than they were a mere ten hours ago,
despite bright color and sturdy materials;
you cannot look past the packaging.
It's okay, because there will be more
just like this for the next celebration,
priced just as high, and then discarded
just as readily for the very same reason.

We strive to see past exteriors, to revive
useful things out of functional obscurity,
arriving clean and unscathed from the eve
of death's door, like the number of growing
kittens prowling our houses in freedom.
We've saved them, named them, breathed
some of our own life and purpose into their souls,
and finally smile as they cuddle, contented
in a blanket of hearts and a pillow of shamrocks,
propped against the Easter egg bean bag,
bathed in sunbeams filtered through the 'Year 2000'
window clings, still full of color and life, as we are.

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