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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on March 29, 2010


Oh dismal in-between of things,
you wash the past away,
yet counter our expectant hopes
with one more rainy day.

And if you just connect the dots
from winter into spring,
then really, when that time appears,
does that make you anything?

A simple path, a short hallway,
a quick connecting train:
a little teasing glimpse of sun,
and another day of rain.

This year, you'll come in like a lion,
and out like a lamb, I'll bet,
But it's not enough to scare us much,
or bring us joy just yet.

Summer's sun just isn't here,
and we've lived through winter's fright.
And so, dear March, you are a dog:
your bark's worse than your bite.

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