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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on August 28, 2010
"One necessary step to improving in writing any kind of fiction, is to step outside your comfort zone and write from the perspective of someone that definitely isn't "you." I'm trying that again here."


Sometimes I remember
that I don't really like what they do to me,
whoever me is, or isn't, or wanted to be,
but didn't, couldn't, lost in the sea
of it all, caught up in fake embraces,
still resurrecting traces of what
I thought I wanted, and perhaps still do,
though I avert my eyes from you,
because I don't believe in it.

Sometimes I remember
a little girl, blonde and curly-haired,
just smiling as she ran, so sweet and unprepared,
tossed into a bitter world to see how she fared,
but I still see her running, hear her calling out,
don't forget me, don't forget me,
with childish intensity, ricocheting about
my mind, I know she'll never let me
lose sight of what I did to her.

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