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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on May 13, 2010
"This is a villanelle, but not as strict as some. The general idea is that the first and last lines of the first stanza are alternately repeated as the LAST line in the next four stanzas, and the last stanza uses both as the last two lines of the poem.
I didn't keep the lines exactly the same in each repetition, but I liked it better with the slight variations."

We have so much to speak of, you and I

We have so much to speak of, you and I
For every day we share such sweet converse,
And there are words enough for each reply.

As if no conscious efforts bring them nigh,
And time grants us the freedom to immerse,
In all we have to speak of, you and I.

A simple walk, a gaze into the sky,
Brings thoughts to share of all we have traversed,
Inciting words enough for each reply.

And even if, were smiles in short supply -
Few happy thoughts saw fit to intersperse,
We'd still have much to speak of, you and I.

But what if joy should, for a moment, die,
And speech, in that dark hour, make all things worse -
And there were no words fit to make reply?

I do not fear the silence, by and by,
For hearts that speak in love do not disperse.
We will have more to speak of, you and I,
There will be time and trust for each reply.

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