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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on May 2, 2010

What would you do if you found gold in your backyard?

If I found gold in my backyard, I'd probably look at it and say "hey, this looks like gold." I'd pick it up, and hold it up to the light, and try to see if the gold color would scratch off to make sure it wasn't paint. If I had the gold instincts of Yukon Cornelius, I might try to lick it as well, but since I do not, such an attempt would merely make me appear slightly off my rocker.

Then I imagine I would put it in my pocket, grab a gardening trowel, and start digging. If my teenage brother were to tear himself away from the computer to microwave some nachos and saw me digging in the backyard, he'd probably come over to the door and watch for a few moments, then make a sarcastic comment such as "digging for gold, huh?"

I'd say "yeah," go back to digging, and he'd probably go away.

Let's say I found a substantial amount and carried it into the house. I suspect it would be proper to inform my parents of such a discovery, since they pay the mortgage - although they might not have to for much longer. They'd probably let me keep some - more than my brother anyway.

And once I received that, well, what would I do? I'd sell it of course. I have little use for gold myself, since I'd always live in fear of it being stolen. But once I had the money, well...

I'd buy a house and a newer car, and perhaps invest some of it, and certainly donate some to needy people and helpful organizations. I'd try to give back to those who have helped me in the past, but I don't think I'd really want to stay rich for very long - pretty soon it might be hard to tell who really wants to be my friend, and who's just after the money.

I think I'd also like to buy some genuine dutch bulbs, and the next month, go plant them in the front yard when my brother's home, just to mess with him.

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