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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on January 2, 2011

January 2nd

It would seem nice to change a bit,
resolve to wipe things clean.
To start again, turn over a leaf,
become a better me.

But January 2nd dawns,
the same as any day,
the same alarm to wake me up
and push me on my way.

And here I am, discouraged again
at what I haven't done.
Caught up in all the ways I've failed
and why I haven't won.

The easiest thing would be to pout
and then move on with life.
And think, "oh well, it didn't work,
it can't be worth the strife."

But if I want to make a change,
then make it I must do.
There are no magic wands 'round here,
it's right on to day two.

Resolving does me little good
if one short day it lasts -
so here I come, January 3rd,
and 4th, and 5th, on past.

It's all a battle every day,
to punch or get knocked out -
I'll make that change in little ways
just as it came about.

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