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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on May 31, 2014
"A lune is similar to a haiku, but it is words that are counted rather than syllables - still 3/5/3. I think they work better for incorporating multiple stanzas. I only set out to write one, but then more kept coming."


If I love,
Tears follow, but fewer than
If I don't

If I curse
Anger escapes, but less than
If I bless

If I reach,
I am vulnerable, but moreso
If I stoop

If I care,
I am burdened; if not
The world is

If I build,
It will fall; if not
Then I will

If I praise,
I get smaller; if not
I overwhelm myself

If I give,
I have less; if not,
Less than that

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