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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on May 31, 2014
"I will freely admit that some of my favorite poems of all time were written by Robert Frost, as well as my favorite terza rima poem. "Acquainted with the night" is what comes to mind every time I try to write in this form, and it's hard to get away from what that poem evokes. Oddly enough, I even inadvertently threw in some elements of "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening," so here is my unintentional terza rima tribute to Robert Frost. :-P"


The trees are silent and the sound of air
Shifting and settling in this crowded wood
Is all that keeps the eyes and ears aware.

I'd stay here for a long time if I could,
To wait for silence in its truest sense,
If only just to see how long I stood.

Sounds are scattered, and the air grows tense,
Listen too hard and static blocks the way,
A curious and timely mental fence,

To keep the final silence in its bay.

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