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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on March 26, 2014

The First paragraph

The way to the old house had been overgrown for a long time. Branches jutted out at intervals, and underbrush had enfolded the foot path almost beyond recognition. Everly approached it from the rear, and her boots crunched on broken glass as she came closer to the rusted back door. The one-story house was really more like a glorified shack, and had been without any plumbing or electricity for many years, its exterior showing the clear signs of abandonment. The surrounding forest had been slowly reclaiming this relic one piece at a time, as evidenced by the moss sprouting up generously on the roof, and the vines growing in through the broken windows. As she reached out her hand to grasp the door handle, she heard a gruff voice somewhere behind her say, "What's going on here?" She whirled around, eyes wide, heart thumping.

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