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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on May 31, 2014
"This is an ekphrastic poem, which means it is written about a work of art. I chose "The Scream," which is a painting by Edvard Munch, though I confess I also incorporated a bit of his description of its inspiration too."

The Scream

Something passed through me as I walked along the pier,
I didn't see a thing, but could sense it growing near.
It shuddered through the air beside, and riddled through my soul,
And though no others sensed it, I did nothing but recoil.
Such ghastly work of nature took release through all around,
And I heard the primal scream of fire that never made a sound.
I saw the blood-red sky above, grow anxious in its depth,
And felt the scream let loose a terror deep inside my breath.
No answers can I give for this, no questions need be asked,
For all the world's in peril, and its passageways are masked.
The quiet broke inside for just a moment, and did not last.
But I still served as conduit for terror as it passed.

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