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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Laura on October 25, 2015

New Military Branch

This morning the US government announced the inception of a new branch of its military. According to General George Goodwin, "Our armed forces are typically named after the geographical areas they cover: ground, coast, sea, air. But up until this point we have left out a critical portion of the earth: the underground."

That's right. To gain a tactical advantage over countries who have not yet thought of it, our nation is instituting the Subcontinental branch, which will focus on drilling and boring weaponry, as well as tunneling soldiers, also known as "subs," not to be confused with "submarines."

The branch was simply going to be named "The Undergrounders," but the powers that be soon realized that this would lead to them being nicknamed "The Undies," and fortunately scrapped the idea before it found its way to the Internet.

Current Subcontinental forces number fewer than five thousand, but officials expect a surge in recruitment after the media announcements and promotional materials are unveiled this afternoon.

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