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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Emily on January 23, 2014
"I have a Maine Coon, and he did indeed once bring me a fox. Clever kitty."


Feline master,
Sleek and clever,
Devourer of scale and feather.
Sly, slender predator,
Sassy, vocal, Heaven-sent,
Ruler, demon, Hell-bent.
Imperious Cheshire,
Sneaky furry prat,
Rainy-day stranger dressed in a hat.
Meal for a miner's desperate kin,
Guide for Jace,
Mrs. Norris and Galahad both have their place.
Sir Maximillian Sweetums,
Angus and his mistress's thongs,
Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, a sick-and-tired song.
Literary heroes,
Or the Maine Coon who killed a fox,
How, may I ask, were you outwitted by a box?

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