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The following is a piece of writing submitted by Ferdinand on May 1, 2008
"Read this as two people talking back and forth, one verse apiece."

Dance With Me

Come along with me and dance
Among the lilies of the field.
Hold me close in blissful trance
And give a kiss, our love to seal.

Beg me not to dance with you,
Nor kiss thee in these meadows green,
'Til thou shalt prove thy love is true
By bravest venture for thy queen.

Speak, fair queen, and I shall do
Each task thy mind should ever set:
A dragon slain, a foe subdued -
My bravest deed shall pay love's debt.

Nay, kind sir, 'tis not a quest
Of such a grand and epic scale,
Ye need no sword to pass my test;
By strength of will thou shalt prevail.

My will, dear maid, is thine to hold,
I beg thee now to name this deed;
For once thy quest at last is told
By strongest will I shall succeed.

Gladly I would dance with thee
In springtime, when all joys are new,
If thou wouldst pledge in truth to me
The autumn dance, when years are through.

I tremble at thy heart's desire,
For time is fleet, and youth is short.
While I am young and full of fire,
I dance for frolic and for sport.

Love must pass the test of years,
And I shall dance for love alone
When youth has fled and disappeared
And winter's cold seeps in my bones.

Farewell, my love, I wish thee well,
Yet leave thee in this empty dale;
Bewitched by bright and youthful spell,
I go to dance in greener vale.

Weep not for me, nor think me coy,
Who see me standing thus alone;
For I shall laugh with fullest joy
When spring has passed and youth has flown.

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