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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on April 14, 2010

A Boy Looks at His Two Possibilities

I walked towards this great big tree
A rushing river slipped beneath me
As I jumped on slick wet rocks
And finally touched the tree’s bark
I stretched my hand to its branches
And picked out a juicy fruit
It was delicious and perfect
In its own quenching way
Its branches reached across the soil
Thirstily clawing towards
The sliding pure river
And it was satisfied
And it satisfied

But then I approached
This withered thing
Across a green lush plain
That turned into a land
In dire need of rain
The brown dirt
Cracked and dry
By a thirsty creek
The tiny stream of water reeks
Then I’m in front of it
No longer a tree
Rather but standing debris
Almost falling
In the soft wind
Cracked and dry
It’s roots hungrily
Clawing desperately
Its fruit was rotten
And was fallen
And eaten
By horrid things
And it was satisfied
But it did not satisfy

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