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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 4, 2010
"This story does not decipt any certain beliefs of mine that thesereatures ever existed. "

A Titanic Rivalry

The two brothers lookied on at each other, their eyes studying the other, across the vast plain, tossing silently in the wind as birds of carrion cawed; their echo resounding through the bitter calm that possesed the battle field.

Sebastian, the Wizard of the Eastern Sea, commanded his army of Merians to the bank of a pathetic creek; at least they would be able to use their tridents. Sea birds clashed with the hungry vultures, driving out the disgusting birds of prey, no bird would be turning into a Wizard on Sebastian's watch.

Jonah, the Wizard of the Eastern Mountains, hurried his centuars into position. A total of twenty of them, enough for a sufficient sucess. And there was a rarity amougst them; a female centuar. She would be able to stomp a small scale earthquake, and Jonah's eagles would protect them, which were in hiding at the time.

But what the two brothers really prepared for, was the duel.

Too long had their been war and blood shed over who reigned the Eastern Shore. Too long had they disputed over who would take over for the Red Wizard. Too long had there been Mer's dying and pirates gone missing and mountain's crumbling in an utter dispaly of magical rubble.

The Watcher was there. They could feel Him, His presence was thick in their minds, and His growling attitude scared the two Wizards. A small, soft wind blew across the battlefield, then increasing to a mighty roar.

The two brother's ignored the warning though, as they readied themselves and hungrily fed the greed that gnawed for nourishment. Whipping their wands out, they strained to settle the wind, which only stopped because the Watcher knew what had to happen had to happen.

A mighty chatic song thus began as the fighting started. Battle creis and whisting of spears, spells being chanted and sung, awesome lighting and rain poured down on Jonah's army as Sebastian's Merians brewed up a storm, contantly waving their Tridents in a complicated fashion.

The eagles soon came in, their claws carring stones of fire. Their ammo greatley severed the sea-creatures, who had just begun to increase their power with the rain. Lights sparked from the two Wizards, but there was nothing they could do to the others, magic only affected those who allowed it to affect them.

The centuars bellowed loudly, charging at the Merians, all the while evading the sharp beaks of the massive seagulls. The eagles began to rally the troops in the air, first the dwarven archers, then the heavy burden, the centuars. Their shrieks echoed through the chaotic wildness of the battle, signaling Lucy to cause the earthquake.

Then, a small voice whispered into the mind of each soilder.

"What are you doing?"

Fear gripped the hearts of the warriors. The Watcher.

"Why are you afraid? Are you to blame for the rivalry of two Beloved? Do you not know that they drag you into their problems? And that they shall be punished in full? Look! One lies dead on the ground, wounded by the gift I have given to the two with authority, given only by my command. Leave the other and band together, and no longer disgrace me!"

The dwarfs fled towards the caverns, deep into the mountains. Never to return. It is said that no dwarf has ever seen the light of the day since. The Merians wept loudly, their tears causing a river that swept them away and drowned them. Their Queen was with them, and they never were replaced. The centuars chose to ignore the Watcher, and instead, continue fighiing, yet they fought amougst themselves; they eradicated their presence from the very Earth. The birds whistled and sung their song of repentence, and the Watcher thus granted them futher existice, yet talk they could not further more.

But Sebastian, he wept. Not tears of the Merians, but tears of sorrow; but he soon returned to his ways, using his magic to get his will be done.

"You are a disgrace! I give you my cane to command the seas in my name, to show wonders to creatures of my domain, and yet you disgrace me! Off be gone with you! And Cursed be he who dares try to go against my Will!'

And so, the wizards were gone.

All beacause of a simple rivalry.

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