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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 1, 2010
"Guys, I'm not so sure about the title I gave this poem, if you have any suggestions of a better title, please feel free to comment. thanks!"

Depression? Self-Idolatry

Depression? Self-Idolatry
By: gabemay

Your life is but a lonely bliss,
In and amongst and in the midst
Of the swaying frenzy,
Of your mind's thickness.

Your life is but a rapid river,
Rushing by in a deafening fevor.
Where you stand is a stagnant calm,
As you're no longer the Giver.

Your life is but a downward tunnel,
Slowly forming into a steeper funnel
As you blindly
Lose grip, get stuck, bad example.

Your life is but a heaving breath,
Straining for the tranquility of death.
Yearning for easy...
Living, yearning for less.

Your life is but a sad pity,
Evoking disgust
It must.
You lose trust.
You lose simplicity.

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