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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 5, 2010
"The title of this poem has a double meaning, not only is it good to at times giveup things, but when you give them up, it should be for good"

For Good

I look into the sky,
And remember far into the night:
Of how you were the only star,
That had ever shown me light.

And when I saw the real sky above my world,
Those few stars that did shine:
Would twinkle ever so brightly,
As your name was whispered through time.

Your name was a shooting star,
That echoed through my eyes:
Thrice I came to you,
And thrice did I sigh.

The third time pained me the most,
For that was when
I had to put
My deep love for you aside.

It was hard to say bye,
As your light was snuffed from my sky:
Inside did I cry
To my own weeping lullaby.

But now dust has clouded over,
That part for you I had in my sky

That part that
I had to give-up and put aside.

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