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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on September 4, 2010
"Hope: Patience is the key to hope. Never stop waiting on the Lord, for when he makes promises, be rest assured, his promises are one of the few absolutes in life."

Holy Hope

The Magistrate of Justice has long
Been forlorn. His touch on society,
Is but in the hands of skeptics,
Who only mock Him and scorn.

He came down not long ago,
At least to Him it wasn't. In
The form of one of us, and
Even of the dove, yet, practice sin he doesn't.

Two known Eras have passed
By. And Earth soon will be in the last
Era of it's kind. It was but he,
Lower than angels, that caused the "The Cross" Era to fly.

Lamb, Lion, Son, God himself
Are a few of his names. To his followers: Don't
Be in despair. For His glory is but
At the door. When the Son shall be in fame.

In victory.
We shall reign.
And forgotten he will be no more.

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