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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on July 15, 2010

Just Realize

I hold you tight, to my side
And whisper to you, by and by.
And I say, oh yes I whisper...
Babe I hope you realize...
That this love we have?
Our no diguise.
So just realize, our love,
Is no disguise

For when we embrace,
All we taste...
Is the air with a taint
Of love.
For when we embrace....
Face to face,
All I know, is that your grace
Is all I need.
So just realize, our love
Is no disguise.

For when we kiss,
We never miss
The world around us.
For we are one,
Two in one.
And that makes love babe.
Yea that makes love.

So before you rest your soul to sleep,
Don't dare forget to keep
The words I whisper in your ear...
My love, my life, my dear...
That you must realize,
That our love is no disguise.
And through and through,
In times of glee and times of blue,
I shall always and forever remind thee:
I love you

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