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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on April 16, 2010

Many Faces

The past is a funny thing; you see it has a personality
It brings everything and nothing to any thirsty soul
If you beckon it, it will come, that ragged dusty thing-
It will clench fiercely to your mind, that slick little peeve
It will teach and it will inspire and it will wrestle with desire
It will pierce your very soul until liquid pours out of it
And becomes a stagnant pool of hopelessness
As you allow it to rot your thoughts
But the truth remains, and will always be sustained
One can observe another’s past mistakes
But here is the thing about fate
One cannot change its course
Or go through a different gate
One can observe and contemplate
But only will one learn by one’s own
One can dwell on the what ifs and if I hadnts
But today is today
So don’t stay in the Im sadnts

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