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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on July 18, 2010

Mild Ignorance

I was but a little boy,
Fresh from the chains of foster care.
To me life was but a toy
That I mistreated, and would not share.

It was thus when I came
To a family that took me under their wing.
They gave me love, cleansed chaos, gave me a name,
Yet right now, I have sad news to bring.

For their daughter, a wonderful child,
Had a pet, a dog named Adam, to her so dear.
And yet we treated it so harshly, so wild.
And it's time of departure grew slowly, grew near.

After months of torture, and months of shame...
That precious dog named Adam left his home.
Days of searching were to no avail, for never he came...
Left to live in the streets, to survive and to roam.

And now here I am, the age sixteen...
Begging for a pet to caress, to love, to hold dear.
But now I must wait for years beyond eighteen....
And it's time of arrival grows slowly, grows near.

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