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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on April 16, 2010

My Reccuring Childhood Nightmare

Old of me as I was
When I was a little child, I had this repeating dream; a toxic mixture of unknown memories.
First it started with everything going by fast, it seemed that time was running
Every movement was fast forwarded, and my dad’s whistling was too rapid, and time was fast.
I can still feel the breathing darkness in that barn, I could not see, but I knew that there was hay.
In this barn full of hay I sat. I do not remember what I felt; I can only remember the rough hay.
Then without warning I was in space dangerously accelerating and I felt fear grip my everything
I was scared I could not wake up but I wanted to because my real body felt like it was flying too
So terror took hold of me as I was glued to my bed, forced to endure this vivid nightmare
Then, without recognition of time, I would be thrust into this distant memory
A girl would walk into a garage, and there would be some huge hulking thing
And everything around felt rough to the touch, the very palm of my hand felt like coarse fiber
Then I would be yanked back into the phobia of flying uncontrollably fast in space
Then, without recognition of time, a white sheet would engulf me, and the black became white
I would land harshly onto this blinding white landscape with stuffed animals
And I would awaken from my dream
And sweat.

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