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Arien Forest Stories

by gabemay

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Arien Forest Stories

The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on July 19, 2010


The next time the Great Queen visited me, it was not in a dream.
I was but minding my own buisness eating strawberries with whipped cream.
She came to me and was in a hurry, for soon she had to go,
"Here take Bode, he is one faithful servant, and the Arien Stories will he show.
When I am gone in other worlds, this Messenger Fairy will tell stories for me
You spell his name B-O-D-E, yet you pronounce it Boh-dee."
And in a flash sparkles appeared, and I then saw a small green man,
He was a tiny thing, with cute green clothes, and a greenish tan.
"I am Bode, Messenger of the Great Queen,
And I shall speak and count stories when She calls unto me."
And thus began Bode with a rather interesting tale,
Of a rather jealous fellow, who sadly had no tail, and almost went to jail.

"Meet Nesser, a Pond Fairy, and hear his story...
How jealously and ungratefulness never brings Andro glory"
There was a Pond Fairy named Nesser who lived in the Blue Fairy Pond.
He lived amougst the greatest pond faires to whom which he was very fond.
Then one day, out of the blue, a strong pond Fairy named Jeer exclamined:
"Hey! Look at Nesser, he has no tail!" so Tailess he was named.
And in shock Nesser peered behind to wiggle his tail
Yet though he searched and wiggled with all his might, his efforts were to no avail.
Little Nesser never knew that Pond Fairies had tails at all!
So in wonder he observed, others had tails he did not, they were big, he was small.
And so soon his wonder turned to shame, and his spirit was very sad.
But after days of feeling blue, little Nesser then turned mad!
He huffed and puffed and would not stop complaining
Until very quickly he had no friends remaining.
"Nesser has changed" they would say,
"He is surley not the same today!"
Then finally Nesser soon became a very dangerous thing
Little Nesser became jelous, and would not pay tribute to the Blue Fairy Pond King
Finally one day, the Blue FairyPond Council came together
"We must expel this rebel" they said, "And send him to the prisons of Nether!"
The other big and little Pond Faires were all there listening.
When little Nesser began to weep, with his small tears glistening.
Suddenly there did appear a mass of white blinding light!
It was Andro! The Great Spirit! And every Pond Fairy cowered in fright.
"Do not be frightnend little children, for I have good news to bring,"
So slowly each Pond Fairy showed their faces, and Andro began to sing:
"Little Nesser, my dear child! Do not ever be jealous little boy!
For I created you, I shaped you, and you are not some little toy!
You are Nesser! Nesser you are! And in my eyes you are perfect!
I gave you no tail so you could fly better, this do not reject.
You are to be a messenger, a very important job indeed.
To you the Blue Fairy Council their secrects shall entrust in times of need.
You shall deliever messages with your wings to other River Faires far away
So please, use what I gave you, you are very special this way.
And to all you Pond Faries out there listen to my story...
I am Andro, the Great Spirit, and I say that jelously or ungratefulness gives me no glory."

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