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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 2, 2010


Oh how I felt it then
Soar through my very heart
Nought did I think of Sin
That had torn me apart
Nor of past transgressions
Did flood my very mind
'Tis was a retraction
Of my thoughts I did find
It's so hard to describe
The closest I can get
Is to only prescribe
Just a pinch, just a whit
Of the Holy Spirit
Beyond understanding
Even worse than Pakrit
To me a strange landing
Of a strange dialect
Yes, it's like a strange tongue
To my ear imperfect
My ear which is so young
It's a beautiful song
An ancient melody
Even a clanging pong!
To silence parody
Woven through enemies
It lifts me up gently
And gives accessories
Softly but intently
It cleanses messiness
That pollutes our mind
And life's abrasiveness
Shall thus then be refined
And you'll never know when
Unless do you impart
Oh how I felt it then!
Soar through my very heart

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