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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on May 6, 2010

Planet High School

I am in this world called high school and everything is astray
The geography of it all is always changing as
We the citizens brew up storms of foolishness that
Maneuver certain reputations into their appropriate
Countries those are either isolated or developed
Our infrastructure is not provided by the vast tools
Given to us by the superior statues that stare down upon us
In our little boxes called classrooms, no, we provide ourselves
With the mere contentment of whispering gossip and talk
It is not a democracy, not a monarchy, not is it ruled
By a dictator or communist, we are the true
Meaning of anarchy and we form our tribes in the
Wilderness of the school hallways and store our
Feelings in our locked up lockers.
The continents are strained by the constant earthquakes:
A rippling effect of reality as certain people
Migrate across the vast landscape of this
World called high school where everything is astray

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