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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on February 28, 2010
"Who do you think is procrastination? Comment below and see if you get it right..."

Mr. Procrastination

By: gabemay

Me and procrastination
Are best friends
Yes, I said we’re best friends
You heard me
We always argue though

Me and procrastination
Are the worst enemies
Procrastination is my nemesis
We always fight
Procrastination usually wins
Because it knows my weakness
I hate being lazy!

But today, I found something out
I caught procrastination
How ironic!
Yes, I caught procrastination sleeping
I found something in its pocket
It was a book
A very big book
Bigger than a Bible.
It had my life written in a part of it

And do you know what I found out?
That procrastination also has a best friend
Yes, laziness
And I also found out
That it hates, it hates logic
And stubbornness

But what a wonder
When it came to best friends
And enemies,
It never mentioned me…

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