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Arien Forest Stories

by gabemay

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Arien Forest Stories

The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on July 23, 2010


The next time the Green Queen came to me to tell me an Arien Forest Story,
I knew it was She who would tell it for Bode was at my house hidden in his glory.
I was in my car, honking my horn, for the red light would not turn green,
Rodi then appeared and he said suddenly, "Behold here comes the Great Queen!"
He quickly flew away, onto my shoulder
When the Great Queen arrived, and said, "Gabriel, you must act older!"
So then in the manner that Bode showed and told me stories of Arien Fairy Folk
She did so much better, her message giving birth to thought, a thing she did provoke
And so like always I saw the Arien Forest before me,
Such a real life looking, breath-taking scene that always gave me glee.
And because of her very own special manner,
Bodi and I were very much so exited, for when telling stories, She was a great planner.

"I now tell you the story of a rather naughty fairy folk,
The Pixies tend to have a mean streak, at times worse than a common naughty joke.
But this Pixie was one of the worse of all,
For she lived under The Nether Prisons, near the Western Bogs, not a good thing at all!
And at this I heard my Guardian Fairy gasp...
"But Great Queen? A Pixie?" It was a thing he could not grasp...
"Yes my dear Rodi, This Pixie did live with the Pretty Witch,
But now I must tell you why her sides did ever switch!"
So it turned out this Pixie was actually the sister of Tella,
She too was a Teller, and she went by the name of Stella.
Both were twins, identical in every way, except that Tella had pure white hair,
And Stella bore a small black streak, made by magic from a dare.
And so these two white clothed Telling Pixies recieved Tellings from Andro,
Yet Tella recieved exciting ones every day, while Stella had to wait, when Speaking He said no...
When Tella was ignored by other fairy folk, Stella had more fame,
Yet Andro favored Tella, so Stella turned to shame.
But what really turned Stella to be with the Pretty Witch...
Was that she was impatient, to revieve Tellings, and therefore fufill her niche.
So after months of waiting for a Telling from the Great One,
Stella did a grave, horrid thing, a thing she should have never ever done.
Stella began to fake her Tellings to all her fairy friends,
She wanted to have more fame with them, and to her enemies make amends.
So Stella would say, "Ruba, Tree Sprite! You shall prosper from now on, day and night!"
She would say good things to all, none bad, and soon she became evil in Andro's sight.
So one day when Stella was giving a fake Telling to a Gnome naked Rame,
Andro, known as the Great One, as a mighty Fairy he came...
In a rare mood, so the Great Queen's closest advisor arrived, (his name was Shangri).
For Andro the Gentle was not was not so gentle that day, no Andro was but very angry.
"Where is Stella the Telling Pixie?" Andro thundered.
And all the fairy folk hid in fear and awe, and only wondered.
Then came Tella, not Stella, but Tella, came to speak the angry Great One,
Father Andro, why are you angry, and ask for Stella?" Stella whimpered, her body numb.
"Your evil sister Stella has been spreading false Tellings! She had not waited for her turn,
So I must now pronounce her punishment, so she must never forget and learn...
The punishment for False Tellers, is death...
And taken from her shall be my very Breath,
For the day that Stella spreaded False Tellings for being impatient and to gain fame,
Was the day I was going to give her her very Name,
She was to be listened to due to her Telling,
Instead I give it to faithful Tella I shall live in her dwelling."
So then all the Fairy Folk in shock abandoned the evil Stella
And she found refuge with the Pretty Witch without Andro, for being an impatient fella.

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