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Arien Forest Stories

by gabemay

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Arien Forest Stories

The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on July 21, 2010


Now I was sitting at my desk finishing last minute tasks,
And to pass the time I flipped through the channels, past movies, and shows, and the 6 o'clock news casts.
Bohe came to life ,for when not telling and showing stories he was but stone,
Yet the weirdest thing of all, was that there did appear a fat large man with a loud snap! who was clearly on my lost cell-phone.
"Yes great queen", said he, the big fat funny-looking man. "I shall watch over this writer and protect him from Dark fairies and thus I shall fulfill your plan."
Amused as ever I did exclaim with a hint of fear, "Dark Fairies?" asked I, "Do they still exist? Are they still near?"
"Aye," said the fat man whose name I learned was Rodi,
Many a Dark fairy folk are after you, for the Great Queen is telling you the story."
Suddnely Bohe intervened, "We must proceed!
Gabriel meet Rodi, your guad, a Guardian Fairy."
As soon as I was introduced to my guard who was funny to see,
Bohe looked over at my small, cheap, and old TV.
On the channel was a prophet shouting warnings and those who listened were few,
Suddenly Bohe's eyes lit up, Rodi and I leaned in, as Bohe began, "I have the perfect story for you!"

"There was once a small Telling Pixie, and her name was Tella.
Her clothes and hair were white, the color of the Telling fairy folk, a very important fella!
Every day this Telling Pixie would flit her way through the Forest,
And everyday she would get the same respone from those she met on her course.
It turned out that the Telling Pixie named Tella, would fly with all her might,
Warning the Arien Folk of "End Times" when the days were worse that nights.
"Beware! Beware! The end is near!" she would exlaim, but none ever understood.
Instead they teased and laughed at poor Tella, whenever they could!
So this went on, for many years in fact...
Until one day all through the Forest a loud noise sounded, (much like a witched attack).
It was a Great Spirit! Form the Caeves Within!
He bellowed, "All Arien Fairy Folk, come and listen!
All ye dwellers of this sacred place come and hear!"
So thus then appeared a huge large crows of Fairy Folk, nudged to come near.
Pixies, Sprites, Trolls, Gnomes, Dwarves, and many other fairy folk were there.
To hear this Great Spirit, he had to sing much more loudly for the message to fill the air,
Yet he simply sang without effort, "Dear Tella here, a Telling Pixie faithful to Precious Andro,
Days and nights she has been reaping blessing telling Telling, and her blessing she'll now sow,
For the Great One's Son Andro has ordered me to inform her, whom lived by his Will and even above,
She will have good fortune, and shall prosper in life, she will have good health, sucess over enemies, and true love,
But to all ye other fairy folk I say, beware!
If you don't heed the words of Andro's Teller, and listen, ye shall live a life that's bare!"

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