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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on February 28, 2010
"This poem is prayer to God, I rarely write my poems as prayers, but now I find it to be a refreshing thing to do, this poem is the closest to what I can describe what I felt about the honor killings. "

The Day Will Come

The Day Will Come
By gabemay
This poem is dedicated to my WAS teacher Mr. Reed, and to all the victims of honor killings.

Usually when I pray
I began to thank
You of all the good things in life
Lately though
You’ve shown me strife
In this sad stricken world
Father against daughter
Uncle against niece
Brother against sister
Will there ever be peace?
Father I ask of you
To please give them peace

A prophecy fulfilled?
Such horrific virtues
Their dignity killed
A gross lie that they still build

The only comfort I have
When I see the blood stained knife
When you show me the strife
Is your promise
Which anchors me each night
In this river, running from light

The day will come
I know
The day will come
For life

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