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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 3, 2010
"This poem is dedicated to a certain girl, who I won't name because of the public access to this post. :)"

The Science of Love (translated)

La Ciencia del Amor
Por: Gabriel May

Hoy aprendí algo del amor:
Que tienes que ser amado primero,
Antes de amar con valor…
Porque no puedes amar sinceramente,
Sin tener a alguien más que te ame.
Es algo que aprendí hoy.
Pero cada día mi vida derrama
Más y más del tema,
Y por eso todavía yo estoy aprendiendo,
Aunque apenas lo aprendí hoy.

(Translated Version)

Today I learned something about love:
That you have to be loved first,
Before you love with valor...
Because you can't love sincerely,
Without having somebody else that loves you.
It's something that I learned today.
But everyday my life shows me
More and more of this topic,
And that is why I am still learning,
Even though I barley learned it today

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