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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on February 25, 2010

The Unfinishing

Four lives to care for, and one on the way
No place to turn to, other than the mocking bay
Its waves tossing and turning
Her stomach is churning
As she feels herself in the wind sway

Father gone, locked up, never to return
One mother so tired she and her children; lost
A boat is docked, the captain calls, a new life to learn
Too bad the mother did not glimpse the name of the boat
Which was selfish, covered by a coat

The boat sets sail into the mourning sun
Which sets in horzon, weeping for what has been done
Its rays sputtering and dimming
The family is pinning
As they feel themselves leaving the formal

Home gone, not here, never to come back
One chaotic voyage so hopeless and so, wrong
An island beckons, paradise calls, a new place to settle the pack
Too bad the family did not glimpse the eyes of the captain
Which were evil and black and veiled by a fraction

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