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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on May 12, 2010
"well i know it had a lot of errors, but i can be fixed in good time..."

To the Moon...

Ever since that snobbish French scientist declared boldly to the world that he had succesfully figured out a way for humans to live on the Moon, hundereds of thousands rich bigots who had their pockets jammed with overflowing money flocked the silver planet.

And that is why Jane now had to go where her life had all began. Everybody had marveled at the baby who came in an airtight escape shuttle from one of the docking sations on the twentysixth state, but nobody knew where she had gone just three years after being on Earth. SHe had been suddenly taken from the medias eye in an instant; Joe Killiks had found her. He took her under his wing, and nutured her hate for her father, patiently teaching her all the skills requred to maintain a stable life of the Moon. HE mission: kill the man that brought her into this world.

Her silver hair was tied up in a frantic knot, she had black, leather clothes on, and a spacesuit over it. Her neon tag pulsed brightly on her forearm, reading the numbers, 6666666112: 26. It had her birthdate on it, June 6th 2066, and identification code used to label all who ere born on the Moon: 666112, and of course the state she belonged to, State 26.

The man in a red, shiny suit walked towards her and kindly motioned for her to show her arm, with a quick swipe, he passed the laser scanner over her skin and hurridley showed her to her shuttle.

Mrs. Jane Killiks, please follow me, you will be assigned to shuttle A6-26 and it shall shortly arrive at your destination of the White Planet, please fllow all intructuons given to you by the captain. Jane was forced into the tight shuttle, cramming herself with four other individuals, she could tell by the looks of them that they were poor.

"Poor people? To the moon?" mused Jane a metal strap quickly wrapped around her. The captain came in and with an aura of authority, began all the intrustons.

"Please remember to but the gas chamber on before we launch of The Flying Buttress, we are approcimatley 122 miles from State 26, we will arive there in thirty minutes. THe gas will sedate you, and you will then be escorted to your proper assignments. Jane, please remember to keep in contact with Luther on the Silver Disc, he will be walking you through the mission. THe Cardinal family, you know the procedures, it says here you have been briefed by Mr. Logan, ok! LEts get flying!"

Jane opened her eyes.

She was there.

(sorry i am still thnking about how to end it)

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