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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on December 30, 2011

A Day to Feel

The sunshine that beats down of my skin
The glimmering pretty clean sidewalks
In the pretty neighborhood. Kids in other
places are less fortunate. I'm not.
Because that sunshine beats down
On my skin, and I know I do not face
The risk of death. I feel the sunshine
On my skin and I know, I know I'm free.
The food steams in front of me, little
Green beans and mashed potatoes and
Even a steak dad bought yesterday night.
I look at the food and I know, I know
I will not starve to sleep tonight.
I look around me and I see the pretty
walls painted with pretty colors, and
I know we are not destitute. The family
Cars beam proudly in the driveway.
My dad's briefcase is a sign of comfort.
Money will come. So next time I feel
That wonderful sunshine beating down
On my skin, not only do I know I'm free,
I know that every day I awake to a new day
Of being free, I will always, always give thanks.

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