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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on October 2, 2011


The crip air of the coming fall fills the outside.
The taint smell of rain hangs in the air
And the water is cold too.
Boys are still walking in shorts
Girls are striding in sweaters
And the older folk huddle in their peacoats and scarfs.
The pools close down.
And the holiday decorations come up in the stores.
Online there is a buzz of early birds perching themselves on airline websites.
Reservations here! A hotel there! And even a last cruise to the tropics...
And the litttle boys and girls in their bulky backpacks giddle in glee.
(Haloween is almost here).
The slumber of senioritis sets in the highschoolers' minds.
Buisnesses rub their hands together in expectation of the coming season.
And the gas prices begin to drop.
The sun hangs lower and shines dimmer, but its beauty is incomparable.
Oh how I love the crisp air that fills the outside!
Oh how I dream of a white winter!
I believe it's time for a new wardrobe, my summer attire won't do.
I dream of the past, and plan ahead for the future
I take my last dip in an outside pool.
I save up my money and I wish to travel home
And I give thanks for not being at high-school.
I review the stock market with interested boredome, just for the heck of it.
And I admire the sunsets outside.
Oh how I love Fall.
Oh how I love Winter.
The passing of youth
Yet the preparation for next summer, next season...
Oh Winter!
Oh Fall!
Oh how you remind me of the seasons of past, of home.

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