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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on January 3, 2011
"After going through a pretty bad writers block, is that what you call it? I came up with this....tell me if it makes sense...peace"

The Toughening

You can be the person down
the winding road. You can be
the person up that tall, tall
mountain. You can be that
person on that treading donkey
headed to aid by an unexpected
neighbor. You can be that
person who betrays. Who
is nice. You can be the
person wearning white
to hide the marks of grey.
You can be the person who
lives for tears everyday.

But just know whatever
you are, life is not going
to change. Oh no! Don't
be a fool. Life will never
ever change. Me? I have
decided to be a person
who thinks life is fair.
Whatever else I fall under
I'm still pullin through
without being the person
who won't be.

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