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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on October 2, 2011

When All Else

Sometimes I think they call him a rock
Because when when all else rushes by...
You can hold on to him.
Sometimes I think they call him living water
Because when all else dries out in the day...
You will never thirst with him.
Sometimes I think they say he has wings
Because when all else is after you...
You can find shelter.
Sometimes I think they call him a lamb
Because when all else stumble in complaints...
You can find a source of unending grace.
Sometimes I think they call him a lion
Because when all else come to kill, steal, and destroy...
You can know he protects and stands his ground.

And sometimes, sometimes I think they call life a journey
Because when all else seems far, and truth seems to evade you...
You can still move on and find out for yourself.

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