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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 21, 2012

Crawling Out

They crawl in the night,
In the filth of the darkness...
They slither and writhe in masked pain.
Yet they'll never hide,
No matter how hard they try...
As they divulge in the pleasures of Night's reign.

Oh yea, and try as you might,
You won't find them with the light,
For as it shines on them, they will flee...

For you will not find them through this Light
By just shining it, and ruining their sight,
For they will not know how to use it to see.

Yet coax them through your love
And through your whispers of prayers,
And hope against hope that they hear...
For it is they who must crawl out,
Of the night. So don't over-shine, don't shout,
And then they will learn to no longer fear.

And be blinded at first they will seem,
And as they change by using light to see,
And then will they know,
That it's in the light where to glow!
And in the light of the sun is where to be.

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