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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on May 23, 2012

Life of Love

You are like a stream,
Because never can I catch you.
I wade in your waters,
And my scent, myself,
Is gone. I am lost in you.
You keep bubbling and flowing,
Away from my grasp.
Right when I think I have you,
Off you escape into, the ocean.
Where more rivers and more
Streams are. So I just wade,
In your stream; I do not loose
Myself more in the ocean,
Where storms roar like lions,
And waves crash like angry Titans.
I let your current tug at me.
I grab on to the rocks.
And that is how I catch you.
I understand you. So I build
A dam. And I dig a hole.
And we both can find our way again.
And so we both as one mingle together,
My stream and your flow,
Into one. And so we grow,
And build. And are one.
Just one.

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