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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on August 8, 2012

Like the Koi Fish

Oh how the koi fish swims upstream!
Fighting the fight, living the dream.
"A warrior fish" says the Buddhist teaching;
It fought the fight, yea it has now stopped reaching

for its destination. (For it has none).
For the koi fish, that warrior fish!
Swims upstream, and is still not done!
No! Now the glorious beast has its wish!

So it flies and it soars!
Winning battles and wars!
Flying through storms,
Of all sizes and forms...

Oh to be like the koi fish!
To be granted a wish!
And to fly with it still!

Oh but to swim upstream...
One has to live their dream...

Oh but to one day live it!
Will you fly with it still?

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