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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 21, 2012

Like the River that Flows

Oh the river flows, the river flows...
Oh how the river flows, so ever changing.
Sometimes I feel like my life is the same,
Just a river, just a river, ever-flowing.

Yea, I move on, like her strong and mighty currents.
Yea, I might stay a while, like her still, swirling pools.
But times are a-changing; my place keeps a-changing,
Like the river, like the river that flows.

I leave one place for another,
I might leave green pastures,
I might leave green trees,
I might leave dry deserts,
I might leave nothing,
But off I go, off I flow
Like the river, like the river that flows.

Oh how it turns, my life like that river,
Oh how unpredictable the flowing can be.
But one thing is certain, of the river that's flowing,
That my life, like that river, it's flowing.
One day my river, along with all others
Will flow out into the same ocean;
An ocean where all rivers meet, and no rivers leave.
Then our lives, our rivers, may meet.
But first we must be like that river that's changing;
Like the river, like the river that flows.

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