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The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on February 14, 2012

Metal Dragons

Laura had no idea what surprises awaited her when she began to polish the antiquw lamp she found on the beach. Everything she found on the beach held some form of ominous mystery that continuously drew Laura out to the littered shore to explore what treasures the sea gave up.

Laura lived in an undiscovered area, a small island where not even tourists had claimed their hotels and casinos. She and her people lived contentedly on the small island that had no name. They knew not of the world beyond, only through the strange objects that would always wash up on shore. It was an old tradition to tell a story by the village nightly bonfire when one found an object; Laura was ecstatic, this was the first time she had found something of remote interest. THe antique lamp she beheld was broken, its glass cracked beyond repair. The lighter was soaking wet, and it would obviously never be used again. She was even about to throw the thing back into the great sea, when she found a small beeping device inside lamp. She had been admiring the gold carvings that made up the decorative lining of the the lamp when she saw a flashing red light inside, curious as ever she smashed the glass to get the mysterious flashing mechanism.

She was intrigued.

Of course, being an indigenous villager in an island that had managed to escape the ways of modern technology, there was no way that would have known that it was a beacon, most likely from a ship or plane that had crashed. It reminded here of the metal dragons at night, the way they beeped red against the myriad of stars. That is was the villagers called airplanes, metal dragons. And so Laura thought what she had before her was a hatchling, and she ran straight to her village.

All the people of the small village were gathered together around the small beeping apparatus when a most curious thing happened. They heard the load roar from a plane, and they all began to run around terrified, thinking that the mother of the baby dragon had come to kill the villagers in revenge of messing her her child. But in fact, it was a rescue helo, and it landed on the rocky shores, with its wind terrifying the villagers even more.

And that is how the small island of the villagers with the strange littered shore got discovered, through some old ancient lamp.

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