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Proverb Series

by gabemay

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a piece of a longer writing project. You can view the entire project here: Proverb Series

The following is a piece of writing submitted by gabemay on March 21, 2012

Proverbs III

Like the pull of a magnet is the friendship of a true friend, for no matter what they endure, in the end they will be drawn to each other.

Much like meth is what a bad friend can be, for he may seem well and pleasing at first, but will you leave high and dry in the end.

Like the dam that takes on each crashing wave upon wave, is a friend who who is loyal to one, even when treated unfairly.

Like the noises in the jungle that scare off the wild birds, are your mishaps that turn an unforgiving friend forever against you.

Better is it to loose all your inheritance and riches in the world, than to loose a friend in whom you can entrust anything in the world to.

Like the bright morning rays of sunshine after the darkest night, is the day that a man disowns a companion in sin.

Like a consuming fire is the trust of a true friend, tell him what you may, your secrets burn up in secrecy to never be revealed elsewhere.

Only a fool trusts a friend who invites one to sin, for his secrets will be proclaimed from every mountain and rooftop.

Worse is it for one to confront a man who defends his best friend, than to feel the wrath of a lioness protecting her young.

Much like the way a cockroach will flee when the lights turn on, is a foul friend who runs away when the time to fight comes.

Woe to the man who can make no true friends, for better would it be for his life to end.

Better is it for one to make peace with his enemies, than to dine with companions in sin he calls friends.

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